Frequently Asked Questions

Why should my son participate in our Junior-Prep Hockey Program?

Student-athletes should consider our Junior-Prep hockey program if they are dissatisfied with their current college prospects and are interested in getting exposure to competitive college hockey programs. Our Junior-Prep program gives players an extra season with many more games than a high school schedule and the opportunity to be seen and recruited by colleges throughout New England.

  • Our Junior-Prep hockey program also gives student-athletes time to mature and grow physically, mentally, and emotionally. Many college admission offices (including Harvard) consider the “gap year” to be essential to a student’s growth and ability to thrive in a college environment. College Admissions look favorably on a student’s choice to take a gap year.
  • Our Junior-Prep hockey program also gives our student-athletes the opportunity to improve their SAT scores, prepare college applications, visit schools, experience a college course on a college campus, and experience living away from home in a safe and controlled environment.

What is the cost of the program?

  • Please visit our Tuition & Board page here.

What does tuition cover?

  • A 35+ game competitive schedule (Member of the AEHL)
  • Exposure to college hockey recruiters through games and tournaments
  • Private college course taught by a professor at Merrimack College
  • A prep-school hockey environment
  • An expert and experienced coaching and advisory staff
  • A team-based relationship with coaches and advisers, which includes application prep, proofreading and editing of essays, and help in contacting college coaches
  • National exposure, marketing, and promotion by staff to DI and DII/DIII coaches
  • Gap Year Experience
  • Participating in College Tours prior to the beginning of the season
  • Specially designed strength and conditioning program run by certified Athletic Evolution staff
  • Complete and full access to our state-of-the-art training facility with (currently undergoing construction and renovation due to fire):
    • Fitness Center
    • 5 Full Size Basketball Courts
    • 6 Racquetball Courts
    • 10 Indoor Tennis Courts
    • Indoor Lap Pool & Hot Tub
    • Indoor Track (1/10 of a mile)
    • Outdoor Recreation Complex
    • Steam Room and Saunas

Where is the program based?

  • The key components of this program are all located in the North Andover, Massachusetts area. Our student-athletes will also attend classes (earning college credit without losing eligibility) at the local Merrimack College as a team.
  • Pictures below from Left to Right: Cedardale Training Facility, Merrimack College, N. Andover.

How long is the Junior-Prep Hockey season?

  • The season will run from September to March.
  • Student-athletes will have time off for Fall Break, Thanksgiving, Christmas/Winter Break.

What does a typical weekday look like for a student-athlete?

7:00-8:30am – Wake up and prepare for the day/ breakfast
9:30-11:00am – Hockey Practice
11:30-12:30pm – Lunch
1:00-3:00pm – Cedardale: State of the art facility training including weight training and aerobic exercise (playing racquet ball, basketball, tennis, swimming, biking, running, etc.)
*3:30-4:30pm – Community Service
*5:00-6:00pm – Dinner
*6:30-9:30pm – Academic work / SAT Prep / Classes with teammates at Merrimack College taught by a professor
*On alternating nights these times could be a part-time job

Where will my son live?

  • Your son will live in the town of North Andover, MA or its vicinity.  Boarding student-athletes will either be placed with a host family or in a residential house with coaching staff and teammates.  While requests for certain options will be taken into account, the coaching staff will ultimately determine where each student-athlete will be placed.  Student-athletes will never be put in a situation detrimental to their well-being.

*It is important to note with regard to housing conduct: student-athletes in this program are fully monitored and can be asked to leave the program if the code of conduct rules are violated (see below).

– Please see the Tuition & Board page for more details.

What will my son eat?

  • Depending on where your son is placed, food will be provided by a host family, obtained by the student-athletes via the weekly food budget for the dorm house, or on the campus of Merrimack College in their multiple dining hall facilities

– Please see the Tuition & Board page for more details.

Who does my son’s team play against?

The Junior/Prep Hockey season consists of playing against Junior Programs, top Prep Schools, College JV teams, and various Showcases throughout the year.

In total, our student-athletes will play:
35+ games.
100+ hours of instructed Hockey practice/skill training.
75+ hours lifting, speed training, exercise.
20+ hours of college guidance

– Please see the Schedule page for more details.

What is the Code of Conduct?

  • The Code of Conduct is an agreement you sign along with your tuition that states you agree to be an abiding and upstanding citizen. You will represent yourself, your family, the Junior-Prep hockey team, and the Middlesex Black Bears and the community that you are from with integrity and good decisions. Drug and alcohol use will not be tolerated and are grounds for termination from the program.

Can my son play Junior-Prep Hockey and still live at home?

  • Yes, day student-athletes have access to the same benefits of the program minus housing and food.
  • Your son may want to consider becoming a boarding student-athlete and living with other players as a growth experience that will help prepare him for college life while being supervised by the coaching staff.

What will I need to apply to Junior-Prep Hockey?

  • To apply, we’ll need your high school transcript, standardized test scores (SATs, ACTs, APs, etc), video of you playing, your coach’s contact information, and a teacher reference.
  • To get started and to find out more about the program, please fill out the Junior/Prep Recruiting Form.

When are evaluations happening and how are student-athletes chosen?

  • Every week we are completing the evaluation process with more and more student-athletes.  Once complete, the student-athletes are reviewed for their potential.  Potential is defined as someone we feel can better their situation with a productive year with our program.
  • Evaluation for the 2015-2016 season will be held at Governor’s Academy  (Byfield, MA). Details will be sent after the recruiting form is completed.

Where does the team skate?

Click here to get started with the Junior/Prep Recruiting Form