Other Program Information

Other Program Information:

  • MXB will be registered with both USA/ASA Softball & NSA Softball.
  • MXB will only have a U14 team for the 2018 Summer Tournament Season.
  • MXB is being being built now for GREAT Success for our student-athletes when ready for the NCAA recruiting scene.
  • MXB will compete in the A Division to maximize competition rather than gather victories at a less challenging level which cultivates a false sense of success.  The GOAL is preparation for High School / Prep School Varsity and then to have the opportunity to play in the NCAA.
  • MXB will compete in the most competitive local/regional softball tournaments.  Those will be discussed with our manager and coaching staff.  We will attend 6+ in 2018.
  • MXB will run from May through the beginning of August.  The Holiday 4th week will be off for families and fun.  Our student-athletes should be multi-sport athletes who have a passion and love for the game of softball.


Some quotes about the owner from former players:

Parker McKee – Full Scholarship Duke Lacrosse – NCAA Division I 2010 Champion “Coach Moody has the experience and knowledge to help his players navigate through the very difficult college recruiting process.  Our relationship was one of mutual respect.  I admire his passion for competition and his desire to help all of his players get to the next level.  I am fortunate to have had him as a coach and value his friendship.”
Steve Piatelli – Recruited to play Lacrosse at Harvard – graduate of Harvard “Coach Moody has had a great impact on my life as a student-athlete.  His great competitiveness and drive for his players to achieve their absolute best is inspiring.  I am thankful for the many hours he spent with me looking at several different college options.  I am grateful for his dedication to me and my family during a very stressful period in my life.”
Ben Barr – Full Scholarship RPI Hockey – former captain “Coach Moody was the reason why I had an opportunity to play and become a Captain at the Division I college level.  He was in close contact with college recruiters constantly and convinced many of them they needed to take a hard look at me.  One of those looks paid of for me and my entire family.  Not only did I achieve my dream of playing Division I, but I was able to tell my parents they did not have to pay a dime for college.  I am so thankful for Coach Moody and all that he has done.  He is a great coach and has become a true friend.”
Pat Cullity – Full Scholarship University of Vermont Hockey – former captain “I was coached by Coach Moody for five years as a student-athlete.  He has seen me grow and develop through all the different periods of my academic and athletic life.  His faith in me as a player gave me the confidence I needed to stay strong and continue to believe in my dream.  He was a knowledgeable and tough coach.  His experience and expertise are invaluable.  My family and I are forever grateful for all that he has done to put me in the position to earn a full scholarship and achieve a childhood dream of playing Division I athletics.”