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Welcome to MXB Softball – Home of the NEW Middlesex BEARS Softball Team; a softball branch of the Bears Organization. For the 2018 summer tournament team we have 12 full scholarships available for multi-sport student-athletes on our flagship U14 2018 summer tournament team.

The Middlesex Bears are an organization with over 350 male and female student-athletes who come from all over the world. Our older student-athletes and coaches live in our dormitory houses in North Andover, MA with our faculty. Our student-athletes have had success at the Professional, Olympic and National levels and have been recruited to play NCAA DI, DII and DIII. Over the past decade, we have had alumni who have won National Championships in DI for both hockey and lacrosse in the NCAA . While the 2018 summer tournament season will be the very first Bears summer elite softball tournament team, I can assure you, it will feel immediately unique and student-athlete focused.

MXB is seeking 12 student-athletes for the 2018 Bears U14 summer tournament team to compete in the A Division of 6+ tournaments (with the July 4th week completely off for families). This team is being built now with one goal in mind – to provide a platform for 12 (U14) female student-athletes to have fun using softball, now and as they get older and grow in the sport, to be able to gain admission to the best academic college/university possible where they would have the opportunity to compete in the NCAA. Our philosophy –  “success is a result when preparation meets opportunity”. Here are a few reasons why this is unique for the flagship 2018 Bears summer U14 tournament team:


  • 12 Female (U14) student-athletes will receive a Full Scholarship with the only expense being the Bears uniform/swag and their own travel expense. This scholarship will cover 6+ tournaments and coaching (with the Holiday 4th week a family week with no events). A small portion of the money one would normally spend in a $1500 – $2000 club program (where multiple teams at each group are created for revenue purposes) can now be effectively spent how you choose.
    • Q: But I get year round ball and access to a facility for my tuition at other programs?
    • A: Take a small portion of that and invest in 1v1 private coaching and you are way ahead while also being able to have your daughter have a healthy balance and a guilt free feeling by not having to miss softball events during other sports seasons.
    • Q: Why are you doing this?
    • A: The Bears have done this is lacrosse and hockey over a decade ago and the flagship team always benefits financially.  We are an organization focused on student-athletes.

MXB Softball Evaluation Form


  • This group of motivated student-athletes will gel together from May until the beginning of August. The other months of the year our student-athletes should focus on other sports during those seasons – like field hockey, soccer and ice hockey in the fall & basketball and ice hockey in the winter. After all, every recruited student-athlete the Bears have been involved with (and there have been many), the college coaching staff wanted ATHLETES.
    • Q: My daughter needs to be hitting all year and paying the large club dues allows her to do this?
    • A: Take a fraction of that cost and (as your schedule permits) go to Methuen, Salem NH, Lawrence ,Tewksbury or wherever and take advantage of those indoor spaces with a private hitting coach.
    • Q: My daughter only plays softball and we need this year round?
    • A: This is a program for student-athletes who play multiple sports so this may not be the best option for you or your daughter.


  • All of our student-athletes will be encouraged to participate with their town/region in the summer MiddleEssex softball league or in another venue with their town/region.
    • Q: Will you put this team in the MiddleEssex League in the summer
    • A: No, this is a summer tournament team ONLY that will play 6+ tournaments along with a maximum of one (non-conflicting) practice per week during tournament weeks. We expect your daughter will play in the summer MiddleEssex softball league or another league with their town/region where they will also get practice time.
    • Q: How many practices?
    • A: A maximum of one practice per week before a tournament weekend could happen.


  • This coming summer (2018) will be our flagship year which will feature our MXB “Bears” U14 team.  It will be comprised of full scholarship participants who are multi-sport student-athletes.  We will compete at the highest level (win or lose) and will build depth and strength by providing a platform focused on the student-athlete and their success.  WE WILL NOT PLAY IN A LOWER DIVISION JUST TO WIN.  That does nothing, in any sport, in terms of growth or challenge.
    • Q: Will you have younger than U14?
    • A: Never, because young adults start to get serious about being a student-athlete and being competitive at this age.  We subscribe to this in our hockey program by never going younger than Bantam.
    • Q: Will you have U16 and U18 after 2018?
    • A: Yes


  • This team will be built now for impact to be felt in the later recruitable U18 years.
    • Q: How can you state this team will be built for the student-athletes to be recruited.
    • A: Our formula in hockey and lacrosse is being applied to softball. The Middlesex Bears will provide a PLATFORM where dedicated student-athletes will have the opportunity to have success. We are a very proactive organization.  “Success is a result when preparation meets opportunity”. We will provide a terrific opportunity for dedicated multi-sport student-athletes that love and want to take the sport of softball as far as they can go with it.
    • Q: What is the future state of this team/organization?
    • A: As the girls get older, the selection of events will broaden to maximize geographical exposure – while supplementing the process with attendance at individual college prospect days.


  • The Bears will be coached by women who play and/or coach in the NCAA.
    • Q: Can parents donate their time and help coach.
    • A: U14 and older tournament teams require preparation for High School which means that parents become professional fans of their children.
    • Q: Who will the coaches be?
    • A: Please see our coaches page, but know this.  The coaches will be provided housing (if needed) for the summer (May-Aug) season in one of our dorm houses.  This means we are limitless by geography.  They will be compensated (with payment or a professional internship with our sports franchise – depending on the individual) and they will be current softball players/coaches in the NCAA.
    • Q: How do I receive more information on how to be a part of this?
    • A: Please fill out our recruiting form HERE and see our Q&A page.


MXB Softball Evaluation Form