Flight Policy for ALL Programs

Scheduling Flights to and from Our Program Policy – 

The program will inform an adult family member on when to be scheduling flights.  This will happen within a 40-calendar day window before the program starts to prevent any minor changes which leads to minor changes in flights.  Also, our coaching staff ONLY provides airport pickup and drop off from Boston Logan Airport.  Any student-athlete flying into a different airport or taking the train in, the student-athlete(s) will have to Uber themselves in OR Uber to Logan Airport for our staff to pick them up there.

Thank you for understanding this policy as we have been doing this for well over a decade and this works best from our experience.  Should you schedule your flight BEFORE the 40-calendar day window, you run the risk of having to make minor changes to your flight.  

If you schedule a flight a day AFTER the program has concluded and need to stay an additional night through our contracted housing, there will be an additional fee of $100 (plus 3% transaction fee) to cover room and board.  

Thank you