Call from Wednesday, December 7th, 8:45pm ET

  1. Complete call or complete listening to the recorded call 
    1. Link to the recorded call will be posted Thursday, December 8th
      1. Thursday, December 8th Recording Link 
    2. IF you are operating from the recording instead of the LIVE call, you will need to email directly stating that your family listened to the recording with the subject line that was described in the call.
  2. Upload video once requested / IF you have sent a video we will review
    1. IF you have film, but did not post it in the recruiting form, please email the film directly to 
    2. IF you DO NOT have film yet, please see the following that we are looking for:
      1. 45 seconds to 1 minute of the following TYPES of video:
        1. Practice
        2. Skills
        3. Stick & Puck
        4. Game
        5. Scrimmage
      2. Please DO NOT send FULL GAME clips as we will not watch it
      3. Please make sure we know Jersey Color, Jersey # and team prior to us watching the film
  3. Decision will be made within 48 hours from video review
  4. If selected for Tier I Boston, you will receive an online commitment form
    1. Commitment form should be completed within 24 hours
    2. Deposit to secure 2023 Tier I / AEHL spot is within 24 hours of completing the online commitment form and receiving the payment link (via PayPal)

You DO NOT need a PayPal account in order to pay the invoice.