Student-athletes and Families,

We are very much looking forward to having your daughter with us for our AEHL & Tier I 2022 Summer Season beginning on July 8th- July 17th (part I of the season) & July 31st – August 7th (part II of the season).  

We wanted to provide you all with additional information regarding arrivals (flight & driving), packing lists, expectations in the dormitory, and departures (flight & driving).  

There is A LOT of information in this email.  Please read through it carefully with your family.

      1. Please schedule your flights to arrive for Part I on Friday, July 8th between the hours of 11am – 9pm EST.  For Part II please schedule our flights for Sunday, July 31st between the hours of 1pm – 9pm EST.  
        1. IF you are planning on flying in a day early for either session, please note that you will be responsible for your transportation and lodging until check-in on Friday, July 8th and Sunday, July 31st.
      2. Our Coaching staff will be picking student-athletes up in waves on Friday, July 8th and Sunday, July 31st.
        1. Please understand that your daughter may have to wait after she has touched down and picked up her luggage.  Communication is KEY in this process and we as a staff want to ensure that everyone is accounted for.  We will be creating a group chat with everyone in June as well (GroupMe – app in the app store) so please be on the lookout for that communication as well.
        2. Please schedule your flights to arrive and depart from Boston Logan Airport.
  • This needs to be filled out so our coaching staff can begin planning airport pickups.  
  • Please have this filled out by FRIDAY, JUNE 24TH so our staff can begin to plan out the airport pick ups.
  • Please fill this out even if you are driving in/flying in and DO NOT require airport pickup.  We appreciate it.
  • Once the form has been filled out you are all set and DO NOT need to fill it out again.
  • Please keep the staff informed of any changes to your arrival time on Friday, July 8th and Sunday, July, 31st.  
  • Please keep your phone ON (with ringer ON) at all times and when you have the opportunity to do so, please charge your phones as that will be our direct line of communication.  We will post in the GroupMe app (more communication will be sent out on that in June) the waves of pickups and who will be in what wave.
  • We will have an informational session in person at The Sonesta once everyone has arrived and is settled into their rooms on Friday.
      1. Please plan to arrive at Sonesta ES Suites (address below) no EARLIER than 1pm ET on Friday, July 8th.
        1. Address: 4 Tech Drive, Andover, MA 01810
      2. We will have members of our staff at Sonesta to check student-athletes in at 1pm ET (no earlier).  We will not check you into your room if you arrive prior to 1pm ET.
        1. Roommates will be issued at check in. 
      3. Student-athletes that are driving themselves, once you arrive, you will give your keys to one of the coaches on staff as we will be providing all of the transportation for the time you are here.  No one will be allowed to take their cars anywhere off campus during the duration of the event.
      4. We will have an informational session in person at The Sonesta once everyone has arrived and is settled into their rooms on Friday.
      1. Please see the packing list below.
      2. Please note that the Sonesta will provide towels and bedding during the event so you will not need to bring your own sheets or towels.
      3. Please also note that there are OPTIONAL items on the list that are not mandatory to bring with you.
      4. Please note that we will also be providing your daughter with a jersey and socks that she will have for the duration of the event that we will collect at the end each session.
      1. There will be kitchen, bathroom and bedroom amenities (i.e. toilet paper, bedding, pillows, towels, basic kitchen appliances, limited amount of plates, pots and pans, and silverware).
      2. Respect for your living quarters and taking care of your bodies
        1. Our staff recognizes and respects the fact that for some of you this will be your first living experience away from home.  It is IMPERATIVE that we practice good hygiene habits and are taking care of our living quarters.
        2. Please respect the Sonesta living quarters.  We will have a damage waiver that you will have to sign at check in.  This is a precautionary measure in case there is any damage to the rooms, but we do not anticipate any damage being done during the week. 
      3. Respect for the Sonesta and Tier I Coaching staff
        1. The Sonesta staff and our coaching staff have done a very nice job in preparing the living space for your daughter.
      1. Please schedule your flights to depart on Sunday, July 17th & Sunday, August 7th between the hours of 5pm – 10pm ET.  We do have ice sessions scheduled on July 17th in the late morning and early afternoon.  
        1. IF you need to leave sooner, that is perfectly fine.  All that we ask is that you communicate that to us prior to the departure date.
      2. Our coaching staff will be collecting and reviewing the departure information on the evenings prior to departure for each session.
      3. Our coaching staff will be providing transportation to Logan Airport for drop-off.  
      4. Please be aware that we will be doing drop-offs by time of flight so your daughter will be dropped off in plenty of time to check in and get situated at her gate before takeoff.
      1. Student-athletes will receive their keys after the final ice session for the AEHL session (July 17th) and our final game for HNIB (schedule still has not yet been released) and when we return to the Sonesta.  
      2. They are free to go once we return from the rink and their room has been cleaned up.
      3. Parents picking up their daughters are welcome to do so at the rink for our final day for the AEHL session and final game at HNIB.  
      4. We will communicate with those student-athletes directly.
    1. Our coaching staff will inform the girls after checking in on July 31st which team they will be on for HNIB.  ALL of the teams will be competing in the same division at HNIB and rosters will be provided to the tournament.
    2. We DO NOT have the HNIB game schedules yet and won’t have them until much closer to the start dates. 
      1. When we do receive them, we will communicate with the student-athletes directly to inform them of when and where they are playing and it will then be on them to communicate with their families accordingly, like it is done in the NCAA.
    3. We will be communicating with the girls on a daily basis regarding the practice schedule and when we are leaving for the rink.  The rink that we are practicing out of will have LiveBarn turned on.  The rink we are practicing out of is:
      1. Breakaway Ice Center – Tewksbury, MA
      2. LiveBarn Website
    4. Families are more than welcome to attend ANY practices or AEHL/HNIB games.




  • Extra sticks
  • Mouthguard
  • Tape for sticks
  • ALL of your hockey equipment
    • Please double and triple check your bag before you depart for MA to make sure you have ALL of your equipment


  • Cell-phone chargers
  • Plenty of on and off ice workout gear 
    • i.e. shorts, shirts, socks, sneakers, etc.
  • Storage bin (for under bed, optional, but recommended)
  • Swimsuit / Beach attire
    • The Sonesta does have an outdoor pool.
    • We also may have some small windows for beach-time in the beautiful Seaport Town of Newburyport, Massachusetts.
  • Laundry bag
    • The Sonesta does have laundry on the second floor and the machines are debit/credit card operated.

Food/Cleaning Supplies:

  • We will be going grocery shopping but the following items are HIGHLY recommended for you to bring with you
  • Small case (with a lock if possible) to store your personal food items (optional)
  • Bottled water
  • Gatorade
  • Granola Bars
  • Snacks


  • Towels (optional – Sonesta will provide towels as well)
  • Shower caddy (optional)
  • Flip flops
  • Shampoo
  • Deodorant
  • Soap
  • Toiletries 

*small changes/additions to this webpage may be made to enhance the student-athlete experience*